Engaging the community to preserve this building!

Vertical View of the Church

The First Parish Preservation Foundation is a community organization, a non-profit corporation, dedicated to preserving the historic building that now houses the First Parish Unitarian Universalists. This church building dates back to 1773 with a major revision in 1803. While serving as a church, over the years it has also been used for the town offices, a library, and a town emergency center. Today it serves dozens of community groups not related to the religious activities in the church. It is truly a community resource as well as being regarded as one of the finest examples of Federal period architecture in Kennebunk.

The challenge of maintaining this historic building has rested almost entirely on the church membership. From time to time some help has come from the community. In all, over $1 million dollars have been invested in the building over the last ten years. These projects have restored the steeple, which housed the bell cast by Paul Revere, replaced the rare Trompe d ‘oeuil ceiling in the sanctuary, and restored the antique E. Howard steeple clock. Now the bell and the clock again proudly mark the time for all Kennebunk. So important work has already been done. There is much more to do.

The Foundation encourages support from all community members. Donations are tax-exempt.

View this link for the First Parish Preservation Foundation website to further peruse this undertaking