How do I become a member?

There are many activities, groups, committees (Focus on Hunger Project) and events at First Parish. Examples of involvement in church or in our community might be appealing to you. You will find a welcoming group of people throughout our congregation. Call one of our Staff members for direction or more information.

We invite you to:

  • Read the weekly Newsletter and peruse our spiritual Events Calendar. The bulletin board near the kitchen also provides updated information on our array of ministries. Or, simply call the office at 985-3700 to get more information on the next meeting or event.
  • Read the inserts in the Sunday morning Order of Service. These printed announcements provide an updated list of what is happening for the next week and whom to call.

Path to Membership

Joining the First Parish Unitarian Universalist church is easy. The first step is making an appointment to meet with our Minister so both of you can get to know each other better. You will receive some basic information about the church and how to become a member. You can sign the membership book 30 days after declaring your intention to join the church. Signing the book and meeting basic requirements will be the beginning of a relationship that will deepen over time.

If you are looking for a church that...

  • is open to all people
  • encourages you to develop your own theology
  • is run entirely by its own members using the democratic process, not by a denominational hierarchy
  • remains open to the truth and wisdom found in all world religions, all holy scriptures, as well as secular thought
  • believes in helping children ask and answer their own questions rather than telling them all the answers
  • encourages its members to join together to work for justice and compassion for all human beings
  • emphasizes our responsibility to be wise and careful stewards of the earth's natural resources
  • has a long and proud history and heritage of teaching tolerance, supporting freedom, practicing compassion, seeking justice, and utilizing reason

Then you might be a Unitarian Universalist!