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Our Leadership Roles

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Board of Directors

On behalf of the membership, develops and activates policies within constraints of the church by-laws, and takes such actions within those policies necessary for the care, well-being and security of all aspects of church life between meetings of the congregation; informs the congregation of its actions and reasons for such action. The Board delegates actions and activities to elected and appointed officers, committees, and task forces, whenever possible. Consists of five to seven members, and includes the Treasurer and the Clerk. Members are elected by the congregation at the Annual Meeting.

Committee on Ministry

The Committee on Ministry clarifies the nature, scope, priorities and expectations of the total ministry of the church; aides in strengthening the quality of the ministry by monitoring, on a regular and continuing basis, the effectiveness of the congregation's ministry. Acts as counsel for the minister and helps to ensure good communication among the minister, the staff and the members of the congregation. It consists of three Active Members chosen jointly by the minister and the Board of Directors.

Nominating Committee

The primary work of the Nominating Committee is to present to the congregation at the Annual Meeting and at special congregational meetings, when needed, and to the Board of Directors, as appropriate, a slate of qualified candidates who are willing to serve in various positions of church leadership. Members are elected at the Annual Meeting.

Personnel Committee

Develops and recommends policies regarding employment of staff to the Board of Directors; implements where appropriate. Members are appointed by the Board of Directors.

Our activities are guided by a set of seven principles. One of these principles affirms our intention to accept one another and encourage each other's spiritual growth. We will not judge the path you have chosen; rather we will offer opportunities which will help you strengthen your own disciplines.

Standing Committees


Coordinates the process of developing a draft of the annual budget; requests budgets and/or anticipated expenses for the coming fiscal year from all standing and special committees and organizations within the church; and presents a draft of an annual operating budget to the Church Council for review and recommendations before presenting final draft to the Board of Directors. Is responsible for the management of the church's financial resources, including its endowment, and recommends to the Board changes in these arrangements.

Membership/Pastoral Care

The Membership Committee's responsibilities include: ensuring the nurturing and maintenance of the members and friends of the Church; reaching out to the public and inviting them in; reaching out to members and friends who have become disconnected from the Church community. A significant effort is focused in supporting the Minister with pastoral care and special needs for members and friends


The Music Committee promotes a high-quality music program at First Parish which is diverse in its offerings and spiritually enriching. Acts as liaison to the congregation, choir, Music Director and the Board of Directors, for matters related to the music program.

Properties/Arts & Improvements

Oversees the proper maintenance of the interior and exterior of the church buildings, the grounds and the electrical, heating, plumbing and safety systems; ensures proper maintenance of all furnishings. The maintenance of the church's historic furnishings and fine art objects may be delegated to an arts and improvements subcommittee.

Religious Education

Oversees the programs and special events for children and youth to ensure that they promote spiritual development, religious growth, learning, and a sense of community; assists the Director of Religious Education (DRE) in the organization, development and implementation of the programs and events where appropriate.

Social (Responsibilities) Justice

In the spirit of the Purposes and Principles of the UUA, promotes an awareness of local, national and international social and environmental issues within the congregation and the greater Kennebunk communities and facilitates actions that promote social justice, understanding, peace and the health of the planet.


With the minister, oversees the consistency and quality of the Sunday morning worship experience at First Parish. Organizes and oversees Lay Sunday presentations, including the summer services.