Religious Exploration for our children and youth!

Our Religious Education Program integrates education, ritual, social outreach, philosophical discussion, and fun in a nurturing and caring environment. We offer Sunday morning meetings to children and youth aged 5 to 18. Nursery care is available for children from birth through age 5. We also sponsor spiritual discussions for adults.

RE Program Goals

  • To plant the seeds of wonder and discovery so that children and youth feel free to explore, question, and discuss.
  • To help our young people develop a sense of self-worth and individuality as they develop their spiritual and world views.
  • To offer children and youth a grounding in our Unitarian Universalist Principles.
  • To provide intergenerational opportunities to develop a sense of community within the church.

The RE Program is an essential part of a family's church experience. At FPUU we recognize that all of us, not just parents, are responsible for the religious education of the children and youth of the congregation. An essential element of our mission is to build a brighter future through the religious education of our young people. Our approach is liberal and expansive - encouraging the deepening of the spirit and the growth of human understanding.

Children Gathering in Chapel

The success of our program depends on the cooperative efforts of the entire congregation. Caring adults volunteer each Sunday to provide a meaningful experience for the children and youth.

Regular attendance builds community and a sense of belonging. At the same time, we welcome all children and youth no matter how often they come.

Our tradition draws from many sources: wisdom from the world's religions, Humanist teachings, Earth-centered traditions, and the deeds and words of prophetic women and men from all cultures and times. Our RE Program reflects these diverse sources. Children and youth learn to respect themselves and the diversity of other human beings, to consider the relevance of the teachings of various religious traditions, to reflect on the wonders of the world in which we live, and to develop their own sense of spirituality.

As UU's, most of us spend our entire lives formulating our religious beliefs - it's a part of what we are all about! Since we have no creed, we don't try to give our children religion. Instead, we help them to develop their own, to question and to wonder. We teach them how to think about religion, not what to think about it.


UU Principles for ChildrenChildren's Principles

  • We believe that each and every person is important
  • We believe that all people should be treated fairly
  • We believe that our churches are places where all people are accepted, and where we keep on learning together
  • We believe that each person must be free to search for what is true and right in life
  • We believe that everyone should have a vote about the things that concern her or him
  • We believe in working for a peaceful, fair, and free world
  • We believe in caring for our planet Earth


Religious Education Program Groups:

Nursery (Infants - Age 5): Caring and qualified child care is available each Sunday to look after infants, toddlers, and preschoolers age 4 and under. All young children are welcome in the Nursery during the service.

Children in Class

Grades K-5: Children will meet as a mixed age group to learn through stories, music, games, art experiences, movement activities, and discussion.

Youth Program (Grades 6-12): Youth and their adult leaders will work together to create a program which combines worship, social justice projects, stewardship, and developing leadership skills.

The theme of this year’s curriculum is Windows and Mirrors. This metaphor represents our awareness of self, our perceptions of others, and others' perceptions of us. We’ll explore looking inward and looking outward, the blessings of imperfection, and images of injustice, among other topics.

We would love to hear from you so please contact our Religious Education Director at [email protected] or our Minister.

Intergenerational Worship and Special Activities

We are building an intergenerational community in which people of all ages will feel welcome and connected. There will be a variety of opportunities throughout the year designed to facilitate and support this process.

As UU's, most of us spend our entire lives formulating our religious beliefs - it's a part of what we are all about! We have no creed; instead we help children develop their own, to question and to wonder. We teach them how to think about religion, not what to think about it.