We come together!

A broad group of volunteers keeps us going and maintains a surprising level of activity for a small church. Our people are active committee, task force, or board members and others volunteer for things like maintenance of the building and grounds, Sunday coffee hour, creating our web site and fundraising. A good indication of support is our Blueberry Fair, a major fundraiser in July, which generally has many church members volunteering at some level. Still, we are a small congregation and we need help nurturing new leaders and building energy for change and renewal.

We have an active caring committee that tries to keep tabs on those in need within our community. A death in the family, a hospital stay, or some other medical problem will bring on letters and phone calls along with plenty of home cooked meals. Many in the congregation feel this is something we do well and have benefited from or contributed to our efforts to care for each other.

All Church Birthday PartyAll Day Bparty

Once a year we celebrate everyone’s birthday at coffee hour after Sunday service. We set a table for each month of the year with a birthday cake. Each person sits at the table for their birth month. Of course after sampling their cake, they are free to roam, tasting others.


Annual Silent Service Auction

The auction is an annual, major fundraising and social event in March. Over delicious desserts and coffee we bid on trips, weekends, gift certificates, parties, and treasures. The Silent Auction items are offered for bidding a week before the Live Auction.



Blueberry FairBlueberry Fair

The entire church community pitches in on our Blueberry Fait. It is a major fund raising event the third Saturday in July. Attractions include 45 artists, artisans and crafters, blueberry baked goods, luncheon, books, jewelry and raffle.


Potluck Suppers

Congregational Potluck Suppers held each Fall and Spring, provide informal opportunities to socialize with other FPUU friends and members and
deepen connections.


No Particular Reason Women’s Monthly Potluckno Particular Reason

The group meets on the 3rd Friday of most months
during the church year at the home of whichever
attendee had volunteered her home the prior month.
There is no fixed agenda. Instead we share food, wine,
good conversation, laughter, and fellowship.


Rummage SalesRummage Sale

Twice a year fundraisers in the spring and fall, the
Rummage Sales are high on bargain hunters’ lists.
People come from all over southern Maine for terrific



Science WorkshopsScience Workshops

Modeling workshops offered in the summer to high school
teachers are a substantial fundraiser for the church. The
modeling approach to chemistry instruction develops the
model of the atom. The Modeling approach to physics
instruction is based on the description of motion. Both the chemistry and physics workshops cover content from the first semester of high school.



Solstice – December 21stWinter Solstice

Everyone is welcome to celebrate the Winter Solstice, honoring the dark and welcoming the light. The event is free and open to the public. 



Talent & Entertainment ShowsShow Entertainment

An intergenerational display of gifts and talents, accompanied by a fabulous potluck dinners. In some cases, we have much entertainment shows from our own members and friends that sell-out.