Sermon Date: 
Apr 28, 2019

This service was all about Beauty in the world. It was a splendor of stories, readings, and videos. A sprinkling of pictures that portrait people's best, 3 second awe inspiring clips and the Reverend Mark Glovin's choices of beauty displayed while he gave his sermon. 

Earth Teach Us Resurrection

Sermon Date: 
Apr 21, 2019

This service and sermon was presented by our sabbatical minister the Reverend Kimberly Debus. She gave a new way of thinking about resurrection and the link between a sustainable world, the voyage of Jesus, and our own spirituality. 

An Everything Seed

Sermon Date: 
Mar 31, 2019

We were honored to have this service include the Tri-Choir consisting of Sanford, Saco, and Kennebunk UU choirs assemble into one marvelous music voice. We were also honored to have the guest minister, the Reverend Shay MacKay, from the Sanford and Saco ministries. The sermon presented gave a great message relating our cosmos beginnings in relation to every precious seed born in this world. We regret that we had some technical difficulty in producing this sermon.

A Singing Revolution

Sermon Date: 
Mar 24, 2019

This all song service was presented and sermon given by the Reverend Kimberly Debus. 

How Not to be a Boy

Sermon Date: 
Mar 17, 2019

This service and sermon was led by our sabbatical minister, the Reverend Kimberly DeBus. It was a moving and eye opening sermon. The sermon ended with a very appropriate song "I Cant Keep Quiet" produced by the MILCK (Connie K. Lim) and can be reached with the #cantkeepquiet on twitter. or view her YouTube video performed at the Womens March on Washington.

Welcome New Mainers

Sermon Date: 
Mar 3, 2019

This set of reflections is based on the theme Welcoming New Mainers presented by the Social Justice Committee and guests. Guests are introduced in the audio above. 

The Habits of the Heart

Sermon Date: 
Feb 24, 2019

This is our Sabbatical Minister's second service with us and her sermon gives us things to ponder. She is also following up on this topic with a three session class during the next few months.