I Can't Keep Quiet!

Sermon Date: 
Nov 4, 2018

This service was a profound presentation for those of us who suffer from sexual abuse. The Reverend Lara K-J Campbell offered a sermon to bring us together as a congregation to help heal. 

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells OUR Story?

Sermon Date: 
Oct 21, 2018

The Reverend Lara K-J Campbell led a service and sermon about telling stories and its importance in the life and growth of our congregation.

Why Are We Here?

Sermon Date: 
Oct 14, 2018

The service and sermon was presented by the Reverend Lara K-J Campbell. 

Beyond Bindary

Sermon Date: 
Oct 7, 2018

Lara: A man, a woman, and a non-binary person walk into a coffee shop. We'll tell you the punchline later on.

PJ: My Name is PJ - and I identify as non-binary. Non-binary can mean many different things to people. At its core, it's used to describe someone whose gender identity isn't exclusively male or female.

Universalists and Unitarians in Maine

Sermon Date: 
Sep 30, 2018

GUEST PREACHER: Peter T. Richardson was minister here in Kennebunk, 1976-1992. With degrees from Tufts and St. Lawrence universities, both founded by the Universalists, Peter T. Richardson was ordained to the Ministry of Religion in 1965 by the First Universalist Church of Kent, Ohio. He also served congregations in Texas, Massachusetts, and Maine. He is author of seven books of UU history, psychological type and spirituality, religious philosophy, and poetry, most recently, Universalists and Unitarians of Maine

Temporary Shelter

Sermon Date: 
Sep 23, 2018

This service was led and sermon presented by the Reverend Lara K-J Campbell.

Safety Dance!

Sermon Date: 
Sep 16, 2018

The sermon was presented by the Reverend Lara K-J Campbell. The focus was on the importance of a safe congregation and the measures this church has taken.

The Poem of the Earth

Sermon Date: 
Sep 9, 2018

This was the first service of the program year 2018-2019. It was as traditionally the Water Gathering service. The sermon was presented by the Reverend Lara K-J Campbell.

The Gift of Laughter

Sermon Date: 
Sep 2, 2018

Our last summer 2018 service done by mostly lay persons. The homily done by Mary Boucher on the need to laugh.

The Alchemy of Writing

Sermon Date: 
Aug 26, 2018

This service was led by Joan O'Hara as part of the Thursday Writing Group expressing the love of writing as a spiritual passion.