Kennebunk's 19th Annual MLK Program

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"Dr. King’s Legacy and the Evolution of Activism"

Sponsored by the First Parish UU Social Justice Network





G. Christopher Hunt, Ed.D. is the Vice President and Dean for Equity and Inclusion at Moravian University. He recently served as the Associate Provost for Community, Equity, and Diversity at the University of New England.

Speaking with Philip Shelley of the UNE Magazine, Dr. Hunt said, “… in the wake of [George Floyd’s] death and countless others, we must honor them by doing the hard, introspective work of making more just and equitable college campuses and society. … It feels like society—more so now than perhaps at other times in the past—is willing to be introspective and ask ourselves, collectively, some harder questions.”

Dr. Hunt's dissertation, "When Millennials Meet Baby Boomers: Multiple Case Study on the Lived Experiences of Black Male College Students, examined the intergenerational college journeys of 21 Black male college graduates from 1965 to 2018 including their challenges, triumphs, and strategies to achieve excellence. Dr. Hunt’s consulting work includes special engagements, climate studies, and ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion training and development. 

MUSICIAN: Corey L. Brown


We offer you a link to get a feel for Corey's music at 










First Parish has celebrated the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday since 2003, offering a program and breakfast for the community. This year we continue the tradition with the event taking place on-line.

Here’s what you can expect. Our minister, the Rev. Lara K-J Campbell, will welcome everyone. She will introduce musician, Corey L. Brown, who will open the program with a musical offering before the keynote speech.

In his keynote, “Dr. King’s Legacy and the Evolution of Activism,” Dr. Hunt will draw from his research and experience as an administrator of several colleges and universities.

Q & A: Rev. Lara will give us an opportunity, via Zoom Chat, to ask questions after the speech.

Charitable Donation Share:  

This year's charitable donation will benefit The Abyssinian Restoration Project, Portland, Maine. Recognized on the National Register of Historic Places, the Abyssinian Meeting House is being restored to acknowledge and promote the cultural heritagen of Afreica Americans in Maine.




The program starts at 10:00 a.m and the ZOOM session will be open at 9:45 am so we can start promptly. Please check in early so the program can begin on time.

Registration is required in advance for both paid and free access. Registered participants will receive a link "by-invitation-only." 


  • Families or friends viewing on 1 screen: $20
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  • 18 or younger using their own screens or with others: FREE
  • Press personnel who wish to attend, need to be identified: $0


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Virtual Brunch:

You may also enjoy brunch as you join in the virtual audience. Below are recipes for the delicious spinach quiche and blueberry buckle, formerly secret recipes that are the mainstays of our annual MLK breakfast. Put on a pot of coffee and join in!


January 17th, 2022 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
KENNEBUNK, ME 04043-7036
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