Ways to Give

Giving to First Parish is one of the most important things anybody can do to help support its mission and vision, especially at this time. Below, you can find all the ways to give, either online or in person.

Weekly Worship Service Offering

Our Weekly Offering is shared 50% between First Parish and a community partner organization of the month.

A Generous Gift

A simple gift to First Parish helps the church support its mission. What you donate goes only to the church.

Pledged Contributions

Members and friends choose to commit an amount of money to be donated to the church each year. Make a 2023 pledge payment.

Make a Pledge in Year 2023

Members and Friends may take an easy path to make a pledge towards support of our mission. Simply make this selection and fill the Google form presented to you. 

Other Ways to Give

Another way to give to First Parish is with Legacy Giving. With this method, you can leave a bequest to the church upon your death. We encourage you to contact us if you want to explore this option. A Legacy Giving Brochure is attached, which you can read for more information.

the arms of a man writing legal documents at a desk

The First Parish Preservation Foundation is a non-profit corporation dedicated to preserving the historic building that now houses our First Parish UU Church. The building, one of the finest examples of Federal period architecture in Kennebunk, is treasured by the entire community. Foundation Trustees and supporters are from the community, and are not necessarily members of the church. Select here for more information.