activist holds sign reading "Climate justice now!" where the i in climate is a thermometer and the o in now is a globe

Green Sanctuary

Our Path to Energy Efficiency

We have completed a number of projects with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Major projects include a recent extensive upgrade of the building envelope with sealing air leakage gaps and insulating ceilings and floors. The entire floor of the 1773 portion of the building was air sealed and insulated. All of the ceilings were air sealed and insulation was added to the building addition. These upgrades will significantly reduce fuel oil consumption for heating. This year, we will upgrade the heating system to an energy-efficient boiler and eliminate the use of steam to heat the building. We estimate that these upgrades will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 30 percent.

Switching from fluorescent to LED lighting for most of the building has resulted in a significant reduction in electricity consumption. In addition to these upgrades, we are purchasing solar-generated electricity.

Long-term plans to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions include conversion of space heating from a fuel oil-fired boiler to heat pumps.

Image: Church members and friends clean the church crawl space and basement preparing for professional sealing and insulation underneath the first floor of the 250-year-old building.

a crew at FPUU cleans out the basement so it can be insulated