Coffee Hour

zoom example of coffee hour session

As soon as you peek behind the curtain, you will notice quickly that many UUs are fueled by coffee, and First Parish is no exception.

With the introduction of hybrid services, the congregation still meets after Sunday services over coffee, each in their home, via Zoom. Just linger after the service, and a technician will connect you with a random group from among those who attended the service. Many appreciate this opportunity to talk with new as well as old friends.In-person folks can still join for conversation in the parish hall or outside. 

Ordinarily, newcomers along with members and friends enjoy coffee and snacks together in the Parish Hall after Sunday services. 

Once a year everyone’s birthday is celebrated at this time. A table is set for each month of the year or Chinese Zodiac with a birthday cake in the center. Each person sits at the table for their birth month or year, such as Year of the Dog. After sampling their cake, they are free to roam and try other cakes, joining others in the festivity.