The History of Our Building: Its Place on Main St.

Sermon Date: 
Sunday, September 24, 2023

In honor of the church building’s 250th year, the Worship Committee and the 250th Anniversary Committee invited the Rev. Peter T. Richardson to join us as our guest minister and speaker for the entire morning Sunday, Sept. 24. His topic is “Kennebunk’s Treasure.”

Rev. Peter was our minister from 1976-1992. During that time, he researched the history of the church and often spoke on historic topics as well as world religions. He has traveled in East Asia, India, Egypt, and Europe, photographing places of pilgrimage. A practitioner of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, he has conducted MBTI workshops here and abroad. Also an author, he wrote many books, including The Boston Religion, Universalists and Unitarians of Maine, Four
Spiritualities, Sunday Meditations, a book of poetry, and Our Origin Story, a world history, most of which you can find in the church library.

Rev. Peter was ordained in 1965 and served congregations in Kent, OH; Midland, TX; and Needham and Andover, MA; as well as Kennebunk.
As a special treat, Peter’s wife, Eleanor Richardson, an author as well as musician, will play a selection or two on our organ during the service. Rev. Peter and Eleanor now live in Rockland, Maine.