Sermon Date: 
Dec 10, 2023

This service was led by the reverend Christina Sillari. Rev. Sillari discovered Unitarian Universalism in her late twenties after rejecting the oppressive religions of her childhood. While teaching and counseling through yoga, breath, sound, and shamanic techniques, she was called to the ministry.

Mysterium Tremendum: What anchors you in challenging times?

Sermon Date: 
Dec 3, 2023

Rev. Al Boyce began ministry over 35 years ago as an evangelical minister. After attending Harvard Divinity School he became a Unitarian Universalist parish Minster in 1988. Al also holds a Masters Degree in Psychology/Counseling and PhD in psychology. Al has served parishes in Chester Depot, Vermont, founded a Unitarian Universalist church in downtown Miami, Florida and served the Plainfield, New Jersey Unitarian Universalist congregation.  Al served the Turner, Maine First Universalist Church as half-time minister until COVID.

Gratitude Practice

Sermon Date: 
Nov 26, 2023

This service was led by a special guest and member, Tory Leuteman. 


Sermon Date: 
Nov 12, 2023

This service was led by Mary Gelfand on the topic of deeper listening and the effects to better living. 

Bystander or Upstander

Sermon Date: 
Nov 5, 2023

This service was led by a special guest with a very important message. Greg is in his sixth year of teaching social studies at Kennebunk High School, where he currently teaches courses on modern history, government, and racism. He has also proudly spent the past half decade assisting the Civil Rights Team as they attempt to improve our community's understanding and handling of vulnerable and targeted groups.

Indegineous Day Celebration

Sermon Date: 
Oct 9, 2023

This service was led by our guests Marylyn Wentworth and Pine Beers celebrating folks who deserve much respect and honor.

Three Billboards Outside Providence RI.

Sermon Date: 
Oct 1, 2023

This service was led by the Reverend Steve Burt as a special guest. The audio is somewhat garbled because we had technical difficulties. Please refer to the excerpts below if have trouble listening. 

 One day [I] passed Billboard #1: Jesus loves you. Is the feeling mutual? [I thought back to my early years,] that stage we call pre-critical naivety, when believing is effortless and unquestioned. And why not? It comes from trusted adults, reinforced by the culture. …  

The History of Our Building: Its Place on Main St.

Sermon Date: 
Sep 24, 2023

In honor of the church building’s 250th year, the Worship Committee and the 250th Anniversary Committee invited the Rev. Peter T. Richardson to join us as our guest minister and speaker for the entire morning Sunday, Sept. 24. His topic is “Kennebunk’s Treasure.”

Take-Home Messages From the Buddha

Sermon Date: 
Sep 10, 2023

This service was led by our guest speaker and member, Patrick Patrick. A long time teacher in Yoga meditation methods and following, he gave much inspiring messages originated by the Buddhism practice to enrich our lives in this and every moment.

The Housing Crisis

Sermon Date: 
Sep 3, 2023

For one of our summer lay-led services, Tiffany Kane speaks to us about housing inequality and the lack of affordable housing.