Life's Invitation

Sermon Date: 
Feb 13, 2022

In Life's Invitation, Reverend Lara invites us to think about what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist, and that it means real action. Though we are dealing with hate and racism in our own community, we must do more than just symbolic gestures, though the rededication of a new Black Lives Matter flag is important.

Winter Well

Sermon Date: 
Jan 30, 2022

This service was led by the Reverend Lara K-J Campbell on a snowy day.

On the Day You Were Born

Sermon Date: 
Jan 23, 2022

This service celebrated birthdays as an annual event. This year volunteer members/friends reflected their or parents births as well as a reflection from the reverend Lara K-J Campbell.

19th Martin Luther King Jr. Program

Sermon Date: 
Jan 17, 2022

We honor Martin Luther King Jr. every year, this being the nineteenth year. This year we are offering the video recording of this one hour celebration with guest speaker Dr. Christopher Hunt.

Remember, Release, Resolve

Sermon Date: 
Jan 2, 2022

This service was an interactive session with Zoom viewers. We added just the introduction poem and added two video links created by our own member for you to enjoy. The first by Paul Beach, Cotton Clouds.

A Winter Solstice Story

Sermon Date: 
Dec 19, 2021

A solstice pageant led by the reverend Lara K-J Campbell narrating with help of Margaret Jones and three young contributors, Piper & Grayson wells, and Crow Lowly

Love is Not Enough

Sermon Date: 
Dec 5, 2021

This service was led by our special guest and friend to many the Reverend Kimberley Debus. A special message was given on the impacts of the pandemic to many churches and ministers in the UU world. She emphasized the need to be vigilant in our congregation not letting this impact our community health.

Groundhog Year

Sermon Date: 
Nov 21, 2021

This service was led by our very special guest the reverend Julie Taylor. Her sermon focused on the need as a community to pull together and support each other through this crisis.